Benefits of playing squash that will be useful for business

Benefits of playing squash that will be useful for business
Jude Cooley
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Squash is a sport that is very popular. It is even considered the favorite discipline of corporate employees. This is due to the fact that it is a very dynamic and fast game, which requires a lot of agility and cunning. Until recently squash was considered an elite sport. Currently, however, it is much more affordable, which makes it possible for everyone to try their hand at this discipline. What are the main benefits of playing squash?

Squash – what sport is it?

Squash is a sport consisting of bouncing a small ball against a wall in a designated area, which is limited by lines. The game begins with the service. The first serve is drawn here by rotating the racket. During the game, the players bounce the ball so that it bounces off the front wall, 1 time off the floor each time. This continues until one of them picks it up incorrectly or successfully hinders the opponent from picking it up. The rackets used to play squash are oval in shape. The ball is small and lightweight.

Why is it worth playing squash?

This sport perfectly shapes the endurance of the organism. Regularly playing squash, we can effectively strengthen the aerobic energy system. This sport is also a great solution for all people who want to improve their condition.

Playing squash allows you to get rid of excess body fat. During a 60-minute game you can burn up to 1000 calories. What is important, after this type of effort, the body burns them for several hours after the game.

The positive influence on the improvement of mood makes squash an excellent solution for stressed people who face various challenges in their everyday work. This activity allows you to effectively get rid of negative emotions, anger or sadness.

Squash develops self-confidence. The longer you practice this sport, the better the playing technique becomes, and the number of duels won – greater.

This is a sport that has an excellent effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Additionally, it strengthens the muscles and has a positive effect on blood supply to individual organs. This makes the blood better able to carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells, receiving the products of metabolism.

Squash contributes to improving motoric fitness and orientation in space. This is due to the fact that during the game the body must be perfectly coordinated, and the eye – directed to the extremely fast, small ball.

This type of activity perfectly develops agility. While playing squash, the player must very quickly change the direction of movement and stop. Essential here is the ability to express start and appropriate positioning in the direction of the flying ball. The key to success in squash is to play the ball in the right place on the court in such a way that the opponent is not able to receive it.

Regular squash games increase flexibility of the body. This is due to the fact that this sport requires intensive work of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Flexibility developed during many games ensures rapid movement on the court and the correct play of the ball. Flexibility allows you to save energy during the match and save it for later.

Squash also leads to improved concentration. During the match, the player must constantly observe both the opponent and the ball. During the game the mind works intensively, receiving information from the organs of balance, vision and hearing, which allows you to cast an effective blow and position yourself properly on the court.

Did you know that squash has many more advantages over other sports! A study commissioned by Forbes found that…

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