How much does it cost to build a private tennis court?

How much does it cost to build a private tennis court?
Jude Cooley
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The cost of creating a custom tennis court depends on the surface you choose. The decision on the surface also affects the cost of maintaining the court and the additional expenses associated with renovating it

Private tennis court

Building your own tennis courts is a luxury that few amateurs can afford. However, the growing interest in this sport, also in Poland, has made more and more people invest in building their own sports infrastructure. Deciding on a costly investment, you must first of all decide on the type of surface. The most common are brick flour, artificial grass imitating a ground court and acrylic surface, the so-called hard court. Each of them is characterized by a different comfort of play, the specifics and cost of maintenance and the requirements that must be met for construction. A standard tennis court is 34.80 metres long and 17.10 metres wide. The court is best built on a flat area, which will not require additional construction work generating further costs. Experts in the design of tennis courts also recommend that the outdoor infrastructure should run on a north-south axis, which will increase the freedom of play during the day.

Court with modular surface

A surface created from acrylic or polypropylene is one of the most expensive options available on the market. The court resembles the one played by players at the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament. Construction takes about a few weeks, and the cost of a hard court is about 150 thousand zlotys. Specific surface is characterized by high speed and gives the ball additional rotation during the game. From the perspective of the owner, it is very durable, has a good resistance to difficult weather conditions and mechanical damage, is maintenance-free and does not require frequent renovation. Maintenance of a court with this type of surface is cheap and does not generate additional costs. Moreover, the court is flexible, so less stress on the joints during play and reduces the risk of injury.

Court with artificial grass

The most popular choice for the construction of private and commercial courts. This type of surface can be found, among others, on housing estate playgrounds or in small sports clubs. The cost of construction is lower than the previous proposal, because it is about 100 thousand zlotys. The price depends on the quality of the grass used. ITF-certified materials are more durable, deteriorate more slowly and can last for several years, even under heavy use. During play, the grass cushions falls and relieves the joints, the ball bounces naturally and does not accelerate after hitting the court, which is why a surface with artificial grass is suitable for both beginners and experienced tennis players. When choosing a turf manufacturer, pay attention to the height of the grass. At the amateur level, the length should be between 10 and 20 millimeters, while for professional players, the grass should be between 9 and a maximum of 11 millimeters.

Brick court

The cheapest option available when building a private tennis court. The low cost of construction is about 60 thousand zlotys, but the surface requires annual renovation, which increases maintenance costs. Maintenance of a court made of brick flour requires great commitment from the owner to maintain an even surface on the court and cleanliness around the area, as the material spreads easily. The surface itself is durable, abrasion resistant, and due to its moisture content, it dynamically bounces the ball during play. Maintaining the court is labor intensive and can be a big hassle for some owners, as it requires special equipment to help collect excess material.

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