How to improve fitness?

How to improve fitness?
Jude Cooley
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Are you bothered by breathlessness during your workout? Would you like to improve your condition a little? Test effective ways to increase your performance and enjoy your sport even more!

Six elements of a healthy workout

Improving your fitness must go hand in hand with the overall development of your body. Most people know there’s more to working on your physique than just running on a treadmill, but do you remember all six elements of a proper workout?

First: rolling. It’s a type of self-massage that improves mobility and muscle recovery. That’s because pre-workout rolling reduces muscle tension and gently warms and stimulates tissues.

Second: warm-up. This is extremely important because it is what prepares your muscles for exercise. As the name suggests, the warm-up is to increase the temperature of your muscles, but also to prepare your body for exercise and to improve lung ventilation – because during proper exercise, your body increases its demand for oxygen.

Third: dynamic stretching. This is the moment to finally mobilize your muscles and prepare them for exercise. Dynamic stretching involves repeating movement patterns for planned exercises.

Fourth: cardio, which is the maximally intense part of training. During cardio, you perform series that are designed to push you to your limits-in other words, it’s a really demanding moment for your body. By preparing yourself in advance, you won’t hurt yourself and you’ll be able to significantly improve your fitness.

Fifth: strength training. In addition to exercise and conditioning, you need to make sure you do exercises where you pay more attention to precision and technique than breaking your own records. This is the part of your workout that increases your strength and capabilities, crucial for building your physique.

Sixth: static stretching, or simply put, taking a muscle-stretching position and holding it for several seconds. By ending your workout this way, your body will properly prepare for recovery and won’t be tense.


In order to stay in shape and increase your fitness, it is crucial to choose exercises when doing cardio and to remember the other elements of your workout. This will help you achieve much better and safer results than focusing solely on intensity.

The most popular cardio is jogging outdoors or training on a treadmill. If you feel that this is a sport that appeals to you, you can actually start from the first workout, gradually increasing the distance and pace. Remember to wear the right shoes – they should stabilise your foot and ankle and have a thick enough sole to provide cushioning. The following shoes are perfect for this role salewa wildfire gtx.

But maybe you’re looking for something less standard than running? Exercising on trampolines can be an equally good choice – it engages the whole body, improves fitness and promotes fat burning. You can learn more about this topic here Cycling or swimming are also good options. No matter what you choose, remember to give it your all and your workout will surely bring results!

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