Ideas for sports integration of employees

Ideas for sports integration of employees
Jude Cooley
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Employee integration is a very important element that many employers forget about or do not pay enough attention to. Integrated employees work better together, which translates into more efficient work. Both the employee and the employer will benefit from a good atmosphere.

Shooting competition

To be successful, you must first evaluate and control all the variables such as timing, reading the wind, etc. All this before performing the physical skill of getting into position, pulling the trigger and executing the action.

Shooting sports, both those where a windlass and other distance weapons are used, require intense, brief moments of concentration to achieve good form. This is necessary to create a repeatable process that leads to consistent aiming and good groups of shots.

During this process, the mind must cut off all other thoughts and focus solely on the end goal. Correct finger placement on the trigger, adjusted position, slow and steady breathing. All this is possible only when your mind is completely focused.

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As a team sport, tennis is played with a doubles partner or two players on either side of the court. You don’t need much equipment to play the game. You will only need a tennis racket and tennis balls.

The rules of tennis are easy to understand, but mastering the many strokes in the game can be challenging and many hours of practice are required. If you choose to play this team sport, you will learn patience, confidence, discipline and, most importantly, you will build valuable skills that can be applied to other areas of your life.


In handball, two teams of seven players face off on the field in a fast-paced and strategic game. Although handball has many elements of other sports, such as roleplaying, it is unique in the skills used and the application of different tactics. Each team member is required to think quickly and trust the players on the field.

The game is easy to initially conceptualize, but difficult to master. Over time, players will have fun, build relationships, and create adequate mental toughness that can be put to work.


This team sport revolves around cooperation and partnership. Typically involving eight people in one boat, rowing requires effort and hard work from all team members. It differs from many sports, both because of its location (water) and equipment. Moreover, during this sport the entire crew is constantly sitting, so more than anything else people focus on arm strength and the so-called core.


Soccer is a sport with 11 players on each team. It requires multitasking through leg coordination skills while paying attention to both your teammates and the opposing team on the field. Soccer does not require expensive, specialized equipment: all you need is a ball, two goals and an outfit. The main idea of the game is to hit the ball into the goal. While the idea is fairly simple and seems easy to execute, doing it requires intense practice and discipline. While playing soccer, players are required to rely on teamwork skills, endurance and perseverance.


Swimming can be practiced individually, but in swimming races, there are four people on a team. Each member will swim a different style and complete the course individually As in real land races, swimming requires support and optimal performance from all athletes. Swimming requires no equipment, focusing on physical strength and mental toughness.

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