Beauty worth millions – the most expensive horse breeds in the world

Beauty worth millions – the most expensive horse breeds in the world
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The purchase of a horse is an expensive pleasure, which only a few can afford. The prices of thoroughbreds can sometimes reach hundreds of millions of dollars. What influences the price of a horse? What are the most expensive breeds and specimens in the world?

What aspects have an influence on the price of a horse?

It is worth realizing that the quality requirements depend on the purpose of the horse. They will be different for animals participating in sports competitions, participating in exhibitions or working animals. There are 6 main criteria that affect the cost of a riding horse. These are: breed and origin (the presence of famous ancestors in the pedigree is crucial), successes achieved in competitions, purity of the breed, status of the owner (individual or stud), age and evaluation indicators (these are: performance, quality of progeny and a comprehensive evaluation of the origin, measurements and typicality). Authorized experts and expert organizations are responsible for assessing the value of horses.

The most valuable breeds

In the evaluation of horses, the breed of the horse plays a key role. The most expensive of these is the thoroughbred English horse. This breed originates from England and is one of the basic breeds of hot-blooded horses. It is commonly referred to as the “folblut”. Animals of this breed are considered to be the fastest in the world. Currently, they are bred mainly in England, France, Japan, Ireland and the United States.

What is worth knowing about English thoroughbreds? They are characterized by short hair, long legs, a small to medium-sized, dry head with a straight profile, an oblique shoulder allowing for high speeds at the gallop, long, flexible pasterns, a withers height of 150-170 centimeters and a light body build. Their coat color is usually described as bay or chestnut.

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The second most expensive horse breed is the purebred Arabian horse. This is one of the primary breeds of hot-blooded horses. These animals first appeared on the Arabian Peninsula about 2500 years ago. Arabian horses are undemanding in breeding, hardy and fast in galloping. They cope well over long distances. This breed is extremely sensitive, attached to the owner, obedient, with a lively temperament.

Pure bred Arabian horses have a light body structure, with a small, dry head with a straight or concave profile, a long neck, dry legs, a short, level croup, a high set tail, hard, sturdy hooves and a height of 145-155 centimeters. As far as the colour is concerned, we usually deal with chestnut, bay and grey animals. The gallop of these horses is fast, the trot – noble, the walk – short and the gait – light.

Pure bred Arabian stallion 🙂

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Among the most expensive horses in the world are also Friesian horses. It is the breed of cold-blooded horses which originates from the historical land of Friesland (today’s Netherlands). The average height of their representatives is about 155-160 centimeters. The Friesian horse has a long head, large eyes, small ears with sloping tips, a straight or slightly slim profile, a long, well muscled, high set neck, straight forelegs with the pastern inclined to the ground at an angle of 45 degrees and hind legs with a long thigh and pastern inclined to the ground at an angle of 55 degrees. The trot of these horses is strong and springy, the walk is brisk and the gallop is rhythmic. The Friesian breed is very cooperative with humans and can be trusted. As far as coat colour is concerned, only the black variety is available.

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The list of the most expensive horses in the world also includes the Eagle Trot, Appaloosa, Clydesdale, Sorrai, Morgan, Mustang, and American Trot (a.k.a. Standardbred).

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