What do you need to know before playing paddle?

What do you need to know before playing paddle?
Jude Cooley
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Simple rules of the game, court for four people and fast game – this is padel in a nutshell. It is an interesting discipline which combines elements of tennis and squash.

Can anyone play padel?

It’s no secret that playing tennis requires a lot of strength and excellent physical condition. Not everyone is in such good shape. Padel is a different matter – you don’t have to be particularly fit to play it. The game of padel is still relatively unpopular and not many people know about its existence in our country. However, we can observe a growing interest in this sport. What should you know about paddle before you start playing it?

Padel – what do you need to know?

The most important thing is the court. Tennis is played on a court – either on a ground or artificial surface. Padel is also played on a court but it is much smaller. The size of the court for padle tennis is 20 × 10 metres. Interestingly, the court is partially closed and the ball can bounce off the walls during play.

Everyone can play padel ➡ even if you have never tried it before, for example in tennis or squash.

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At first glance, paddle balls resemble tennis balls, but differ primarily in size. They are smaller and have less bounce, which makes them less bouncy and easier to control.

The construction of a paddle racket is also interesting. In appearance, it somewhat resembles a table tennis racket, although of course it is larger than it. Tennis rackets have a string, paddle rackets do not. They are usually made of light but durable materials. This allows for dynamic play without the need to use a lot of force.

Service in paddle

In tennis, a player has the option of serving from below or from above. Professional tennis players, of course, choose top serves, which allow you to release the ball with incredible speed. It is different in paddle tennis. In this sport, only bottom serves are allowed. As in tennis, a player has two attempts at a serve. The first serve to start the game is from the right side. It is necessary to place the ball in the service area located diagonally in the opponent’s half. After that, when the ball is in the court, it can bounce off the walls that surround it, but after such a bounce it cannot hit the net.

Scoring in paddle

The scoring method is another similarity to the tennis game. A match is divided into games and sets. Often the game is played until either team (padel is a doubles game) has a two-set lead. How are points scored in padel? It can be done in several ways. A point is awarded when:

– the ball on the opponent’s side bounces twice off the court;
– the opponent hits the net;
– after the opponent’s bounce, the ball hits the wall and does not bounce off the court beforehand;
– the ball will hit the opponent.

Where can paddle be played?

Due to the fact that the game can only be played on a special court, the possibilities in this regard are still significantly limited. However, it must be admitted that in recent years the sports infrastructure, especially in large cities, has grown significantly. If you want to try your hand at paddle, then find out if there are tennis courts or squash courts in your area. In such clubs, it is increasingly common to find a paddle court as well.

In order to successfully practice this sport, you do not need to be fit or have great strength in your hands. This is an excellent pastime for people of all ages who appreciate an active form of leisure. For those who find tennis too complicated, padel is a great alternative. You don’t have to worry about the equipment, as you can borrow the necessary equipment – both rackets and balls – at each court. However, you should read the rules of use of the court, and pay particular attention to the requirements for footwear – not all shoes are allowed on the court.

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