Investing in a yacht for rent – does it pay off?

Investing in a yacht for rent – does it pay off?
Jude Cooley
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Investing money in real estate is nothing new these days. Many people are putting their savings towards being able to profit from renting out their homes. An interesting possibility for many people is to invest in yachts for rent. Do you need a sailing patent for this and how to finance the purchase of a boat? We decided to check it out.

Who can be a potential tenant?

Sailing is gaining more and more followers every year. Just walk along the marinas in the summer and you’ll see that there are all sorts of models and types of boats stationed there. For their rental (in other words, charter) you should pay from 100 to even 1500 zł. It all depends on what kind of yacht it is – how big it is and what equipment it has. However, there is no shortage of those willing to rent.

Every year more and more people decide to spend a few hours under sail. What is important, in most cases you do not even need a sailing license when it comes to the so-called houseboats. However, for your own safety, it is worth having the right skills and experience. Documents are necessary when we want to sail yachts over 7.5 meters long. If you do not have them, you can rent a yacht with an experienced skipper. He will be responsible for the voyage and safety of the entire crew.

The boat rental market is developing constantly and at a dynamic pace. Thanks to this it can compete with other leisure activities and Poles gain an interesting alternative. Some experienced sailors and customers are looking for boats that are well equipped and provide a high level of recreation – similar to a hotel. This is why more and more companies are offering not only yacht charters, but also a package of services and interesting entertainment. Apart from the commercial charter market, there is also a market for smaller yachts that are less expensive. Most often, these rental opportunities are provided by private boat owners.

How to finance the purchase of a boat for rent?

Yachts, even those with slightly more affordable prices, are not the cheapest. Therefore, you have to reckon with a significant expense. Of course, you can buy a small boat for a few thousand zlotys, but the more comfortable and sophisticated models are much better for rent. Popular units therefore reach the price even 250 thousand zloty. In Masuria, which is the clear leader when it comes to marinas, you can easily find yachts that require the purchase of about a million zlotys. The younger and better equipped the boat is, the more expensive it is and the higher the price of renting it.

But what to do if you want to buy a yacht, but do not have the funds to do so? In case of companies, the solution can be for example leasing or an investment loan. Individuals can take out a loan for any purpose. Before the bank grants a credit, it must check the creditworthiness of the interested person and the potential risk. It is also worthwhile to analyze one’s own possibilities, since taking out a large commitment for several years must be regularly and reliably repaid. In addition, you need to recalculate whether this is a profitable investment at all.

What are the boat maintenance costs?

The yacht owner must also cover the costs associated with the maintenance of the yacht. These consist of harbor fees, winter stops, transportation in case of transfer to another marina, regular maintenance and repairs, insurance and upgrades. When you add it all up, the costs can be as high as ten thousand zlotys. Nevertheless, thanks to the growing popularity of yacht rentals, this type of investment can be extremely profitable. The prerequisite is, of course, a properly developed marketing plan and matching prices to customers.

Profitable investment in a yacht.
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