Work ergonomics, or how to increase work comfort in the office

Work ergonomics, or how to increase work comfort in the office
Jude Cooley
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Comfort at work has a huge impact on efficiency. Many people pay special attention to it and adjust their desk to their own preferences and requirements.

Various gadgets can be found on a desk, which for some may be unnecessary, while for others essential. What accessories increase the comfort of work in the office? Check it out in our article!

Why is work ergonomics so important?

Ergonomics at work should be a priority for many, but in reality it is not. And it is on whether the tasks at work are comfortable that not only their results depend, but also their mood and frame of mind. Ergonomics is a much talked about issue in the context of office work, because it is there where ill-adapted workstations are most common. So it is worth to have a closer look at this issue, because it has an impact on

work effectiveness – a comfortable workplace creates favourable conditions for work performance, which translates into improved work results;

attitude to work and well-being – sitting for hours at a desk can be extremely monotonous and tedious, but if it is done in comfortable conditions it does not affect your well-being. A comfortable office chair that improves ergonomics is something that regularly affects motivation;

pace of work – from a comfortable chair you do not have to get up every now and then to stretch your legs or relieve your back. Ergonomics of a workstation makes it possible to concentrate optimally on work, which translates into faster performance of tasks;

Health – an ergonomic workstation means that even sitting at your desk every day will not have a negative impact on your health.

As you can see, work ergonomics is very important if we want to achieve high results. Thanks to favourable conditions we are much more willing to perform given tasks, we are more motivated to work and we complete projects faster.

Is it worthwhile for companies to take care of the ergonomics of their workplaces?

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What should a fully ergonomic workstation look like?

The basis is an ergonomic desk, which should have the right height for our height. In its case it is also worth paying attention to its width and depth, which also have a big influence on the comfort of work. The desk should be deep enough for the monitor to be at least half a metre away from the employee’s eyes. Seats, on the other hand, must be equipped with a headrest and armrests. This is the bare minimum, which is already a standard applied by manufacturers in all products. The chair should be equipped with extensive adjustment in many planes. The possibility to adjust the height of the seat and armrests significantly increases the comfort of work.

Office work cannot be without a computer and monitor. The latter is of great importance, since it adversely affects the eyesight. The monitor should be of an appropriate height. If it is too high or low, it will affect the position while working. So it must be at face height, and in case it is too low, you can use dedicated desk stands or hang it on the wall. It is definitely not recommended to situate the monitor diagonally, because then you have to twist slightly, which of course negatively affects the spine and can cause posture defects.

A noteworthy addition is certainly the footrest. Many models on the market are adjustable, so you can easily adjust the height to your preferences. What is important, it has been scientifically proven that using a footrest has a positive effect on blood circulation in the lower extremities. This obviously affects the comfort and ergonomics of work. It is also worth looking around for wrist rests for the keyboard and mouse, because with frequent work at the computer, pain in them can occur.

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