Strengthen leg muscles at work – office exercises for legs

Strengthen leg muscles at work – office exercises for legs
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People who do office work often complain about the lack of time for training. However, there is nothing to stop you from exercising your lower body muscles while sitting at your desk. Here are some simple and effective office exercises!

Proven office exercises for legs

How to exercise your legs at the desk? Here is a set of proven lower limb exercises that can be done in almost any conditions.

Half squat at your desk

Stand in front of your desk (a cupboard or a windowsill will also work well here). Grasp the edge of the desk with the back of your hand down. Sit down into a half squat. Press your feet into the ground and simultaneously push your palms up. Hold for 6 seconds. Repeat 20 times.

Stretching on a chair

Sit on a chair and straighten your body. Put one leg over the other so that the ankle of one leg is in contact with the knee of the other leg. With the opposite hand, pull the knee that is on top. Hold this position for 1 minute. Do 2 repetitions on each side.

Climbing up the steps

Stand straight. One foot stands on the ground, the other rests on a height of a few centimeters, for example, a box with documents or a binder. The foot which is resting on the floor should be in front of the toes of the exercising foot. Take your heel off the platform, keep your knee slightly bent and rest your body weight on the forefoot. Lift your foot, transfer your body weight to the platform, straighten your knee, and place the heel of the exercising leg. Return to the starting position. Perform 30 repetitions on each side.


Sit on a chair and raise yourself so that your thighs do not touch the chair. Hold this position for 3 seconds. Stand up, sit down and repeat 15 times. This exercise is an excellent way to strengthen your thighs.

Straighten your legs on a chair

Sit straight, rest your feet flat on the floor and tighten your abdominal muscles. Raise one leg and straighten it up to the level of your thigh. Tighten the thigh muscles and lower the leg. Do the exercise on the other side. Do 15 repetitions.

Exercise for thigh muscles

Straighten your back. Place your feet flat on the floor. Raise the right knee and turn the inner part of the thigh towards the ceiling. Raise your foot as high as possible and lower it back to the starting position.

Isometric exercises for the leg muscles

This term is used to describe simple exercises that involve tensing the muscles while the joints remain stationary. This type of training allows you to quickly and comfortably strengthen your muscles without the use of professional equipment or large space. The maximum tension should be held here for about 15-30 seconds, we perform a dozen or so repetitions in several series. How does a proven isometric exercise for thighs look like? We sit, join our feet and knees and press them together. Another suggestion is as follows: we stand with our back against a wall and press on it with our heel in such a way that the leg is slightly bent.

Leg stretching

Sit on a chair with a small stride. Straighten your right leg and press your heel against the floor. Bend the left leg over the knee and bend it to the side. Place your hands on your right thigh. Gently lean toward the right leg so that the back is straight and only the pelvis is working.

Exercise to improve blood flow in the legs and strengthen lower leg muscles

While sitting, rest your entire feet on the ground. Keep your heels on the floor, raise your toes, and then slowly begin to lower them. Perform 15 repetitions. You can also do circles in the air to the left and right, 10 to each side.

Muscle exercises for the feet

If possible, it is best to do them without shoes. The first exercise consists in bending the toes under the sole and then straightening them. Perform 20 repetitions. The second suggestion is to put a towel under your feet and roll it up with your toes. Rolling a ball of paper with your feet will also work well here.

Do you have a whole day of sitting in the office ahead of you? Find a few minutes for simple leg exercises. They improve circulation and prevent varicose veins.

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