What to take on a long bike trip?

What to take on a long bike trip?
Jude Cooley
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Long bike tours are a great way to spend time outdoors. However, what to take with you on such a trip? We suggest what should be in your equipment.

Bicycle touring is an amazing adventure, but you need to prepare for it properly. So find out what to take with you on a long bicycle trip

Appropriate clothing

During long journeys (but not only) it is very important to choose appropriate outfit. First of all, it is worth to dress in so called “onion” style, so that you can undress or put on warmer clothes if the temperature changes. Remember also that the clothes should be as comfortable and tested as possible. Professional cycling clothing made of special moisture-wicking materials will be great

If you are going for a longer trip on slightly colder days, do not forget about a sweatshirt, for example one made of softshell or windstopper material. Remember also about good quality thermal underwear and comfortable, soft socks. It’s also a good idea to bring something against the rain. Sunglasses and a hat to protect against the sun or wind can also be useful. Of course you can’t forget about helmet and cycling gloves

Bicycle equipment

If you plan to go for a long bicycle trip, you can’t forget to prepare your equipment. Be sure to have proper lighting – not only is it extremely useful, but you are also required by law to have it. Your bike must be equipped with at least one solid or flashing white or yellow front light, at least one red rear reflector, and at least one solid or flashing red rear light. In addition, bring a bike pump – after all, you never know what you might encounter on the road

You’ll also need bike wrenches, bike protection, an inner tube or spare tire, tire irons, grease, and chain repair equipment. You can fit it all in a convenient bike rack that will protect your items from the elements. Many cyclists find that handlebar horns can also come in handy on a long ride. If you’re looking for quality gear for a long trip, be sure to visit our online store.

Food and drink

If you’re going for a long bike ride, you can’t forget about provisions and drinks. They will help you to regenerate and regain energy to be able to overcome further kilometers. But what to take with you?

First of all, two full bottles – one with water and the other with isotonic drink, which will supplement the level of vitamins and minerals in your body. When it comes to provisions, classic but nutritious sandwiches or energy bars work best. As an additional snack, take with you your favorite fruit or a few cubes of dark chocolate

What else to remember?

What else to take with you? First of all, documents and a powerbank to charge your phone on the road. Your phone can be used as a navigation system and a camera to capture the beautiful views on the road, so make sure it is always charged. In addition, also bring along duct tape, a first aid kit gasoline lighter and a map, as well as a guidebook if you plan to explore nearby areas.

Main photo: Tom Conway/unsplash.com

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