The most popular hand training devices

The most popular hand training devices
Jude Cooley
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Daily exertion of the hands ending in numbness and pain in the fingers may indicate that the muscles have not been trained. With the help of special sports equipment can come special equipment that will strengthen the strength of the muscles and help reduce the discomfort felt.

Benefits of hand training

Working with the hands is an integral part of many professions, but some of them are particularly demanding for the hands, including mechanics, dentistry, writing, surgery, journalism, tailoring or playing musical instruments.

In the case of such professions, it is worth taking care of full fitness and development of hand, wrist and finger muscles. Regular exercise reduces the risk of contracting common ailments such as arthritis, neuropathy and arthritis, increases strength in the hands and strengthens the structure of the muscles. In the implementation of physical activity for the hands, home-made devices for performing simple exercises are useful.


Driven by the strength of the grip and the movement of the wrist of the trainee, a ball the size of a tennis ball has a beneficial effect on the development of the muscles of the entire hand. The technology was developed by scientists working for NASA as part of astronaut training. It is also ideal for golf, tennis, handball, squash, rowing, snooker and bowling players.

Powerball strengthens the muscles of the forearms, wrists, fingers and hands, increasing grip strength, expanding muscle tissue, improving mobility of movement, and stabilizing the wrist. The standard size of the ball is dedicated to men, there is also a smaller size available on the market for women and children. The device is used only to increase the efficiency and strength of the hand, therefore it should not be used in the rehabilitation process due to its strong impact on the muscles.

Exercises with powerball are based on keeping the ball placed inside the equipment in motion. By achieving up to 15 thousand revolutions per minute, the athlete forces the hand to exercise with a load comparable to 20 kilograms.


The instrument is also spherical in shape, except that it comes with pull-ups placed on the fingers. This popular hand squeezer facilitates movements in three natural ranges for the hands, increasing their strength and volume. Using a handmaster develops the muscles of the hand, fingers, wrist and forearm. Regular training increases strength, range of motion, and its precision.

The squeezing exercises are based on opening hands, stretching special rubber bands and squeezing hands on a ball. Performed movements strengthen finger extensors and flexors, stretch joints, and strengthen muscles of the whole forearm.

In addition to developing general hand dexterity, the handmaster is great for hand rehabilitation. There are three basic models on the market, which are color-coded for specific levels of resistance to the pulls.

Thera-band Flexbar

This flexible roller made of special plastic improves mobility, strengthens muscles throughout the hand, and increases overall hand fitness and strength. In addition to the traditional exercises involving bending the roller into a U-shape, it can be used to roll various parts of the body in order to loosen and relax tense muscles.

The device is also great for treating elbow joint injuries. In professional stores with sports equipment, you can find as many as 4 flexbar variants with different levels of resistance of the device, thanks to which a trainee can successively and independently increase the load during performed exercises, adjusting the hardness of the roller to individual abilities.

The strength needed to complete a training series with the roller is expressed on each model in kilograms. Standard rollers are 30 centimeters long and have a diameter of 3.5 centimeters.

The Thera-Band® Flexbar® Roller is designed for mobilization and strengthening exercises for the muscles of the hands and…

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