Kneeler – a healthier substitute for an office chair

Kneeler – a healthier substitute for an office chair
Jude Cooley
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Nowadays we spend a lot of time in a sitting position, so it is worth taking care of the accompanying conditions. A great alternative to the usual office chair is the so-called kneeler, thanks to which we will take care of our health and relieve strain on the spine!

Spending the lion’s share of the day sitting affects almost everyone nowadays – even people who are physically active and regularly practice sports. We sit whether we are at work, at home or at a meeting with friends. This inconspicuous activity can have a great impact on the condition of our spine, so it is worth looking around for solutions that can relieve some of the strain on our back.

It is a proven fact that classic chairs and office armchairs are not able to provide us with complete comfort – even carefully designed models can “encourage” us to reflexively hunch back. To take care of the spine without giving up work at the desk will help us a certain device that is increasingly popular.

Kneeling cure for back problems?

One of the most interesting solutions to the problem of humping while sitting is a piece of equipment with a rather unambiguous name – the kneeler, also known as a kneeler. How does this type of seating differ from a standard chair? The kneeler has a knee support and a seat slightly inclined forward. Due to the specific design, it can be said that with a kneeler you are not so much sitting as… leaning. The legs then assume a half-kneeling position, which contributes to changes in the alignment of the upper body. The lumbar system literally causes the back to straighten automatically – using a kneeler, even a slight lean forward is not very comfortable. Thanks to this, the kneeler can help develop the right posture even for people who are unaware of the problem, such as small children. But that’s not all, as the kneeler activates the muscles of the back, making it a great addition to your workout.

What to keep in mind before buying a kneeler?

First of all – it is worth finding a kneeler with an adjustable design, so that you can easily adjust it to the needs of people with different parameters. A flexible kneeler is a device that will benefit the whole family, from children to adults to seniors.

Another issue is that, despite its health-promoting properties, you can’t sit on a kneeler for days. Experts are of the opinion that one should not exceed four hours a day – otherwise we can put undue strain on the knee joints. The mentioned four hours are best broken up into several parts. In addition, physiotherapists recommend using a kneeler interchangeably with an ergonomic chair or a rehabilitation ball, which also have a salutary effect on the spine.

Where to buy a kneeler?

We can easily find the kneeler in the offer of stores and online platforms after entering the appropriate keyword in the search engine. The price of health-promoting seating equipment usually ranges from 60-180$ and depends on the quality and material of the seat.

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