Under-desk equipment – a way to stay active during work hours

Under-desk equipment – a way to stay active during work hours
Jude Cooley
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Sedentary work is very often indicated as one of the reasons for poor physical condition. It turns out that nothing could be further from the truth – nowadays training at the office is a very real solution, which in addition is becoming increasingly popular. All thanks to carefully selected equipment, which is a great alternative to regular visits to the gym.

Movement is the absolute basis in terms of maintaining good health and well-being. However, in recent months it has become more and more common for us to spend most of the day in a sitting position and after work we do not have time or desire to be physically active. Our joints and internal organs suffer, and we ourselves lose the energy necessary for proper functioning. That is why it is worth taking a few simple steps as soon as possible and change your everyday life for the better.

Portable fitness accessories – a remedy for a sedentary lifestyle

The most proven way to exercise during working hours is to buy the right accessories. They are not indispensable – we can start with activities such as replacing a comfortable elevator with a more demanding staircase or setting an alarm which will be a signal for us to get up and take a short walk. There is no shortage of possibilities, however exercising with the right equipment will be most effective. So let’s take a look at what equipment is best to buy.

To begin with, it is worth correcting the sitting itself. As an alternative to the traditional chair, a large fitness ball will be perfect. It forces our body to balance constantly, thanks to which we remain in constant motion even if we are not fully conscious, and our muscles do not stop working. After some time of regular sitting on such a ball, you will forget about your tense back and headaches. Alternatively, in order to relieve your back, you can also use a so-called kneeler, on which you sit at your desk in a half-kneeling position.

? A ball instead of a chair? ?

Have you ever tried to replace a comfortable chair, for a fitness ball?

Work out and at the same time…

Published by Your Health Studio Tuesday, October 22, 2019

However, you do not necessarily have to give up the classic chair. The effect of a spiked sensory cushion, which we can place on the seat, will prove invaluable here. Like a large fitness ball, it provides permanent balancing of the body, and additionally massages the sensitive parts of the body. The spiked sensory cushion can also be placed under the desk, and during a break you can stand on it with one foot and combine pleasure with utility, giving yourself a foot massage. Another device we can place under our feet is a desk pedal, which is useful in thrombosis prevention. Our legs will be constantly working, which will have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. The seat can also be equipped with a small ball for pilates, the action of which will undoubtedly benefit our health.

Comfortable sitting is not everything

Flexible rubber or foam rollers are also good investments, which will bring profits in the future. In our free time we can use the elastic band to stretch, strengthen our shoulders, biceps, triceps and buttocks. When it comes to massaging the back and other body parts, nothing can compare to the rollers. You will be convinced of their significance especially during stressful situations.

Those who have a divided attention, on the other hand, are encouraged to buy a desk -runner or a desk-bike, which provide a perfect combination of sport and work.

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