What is insurance for athletes?

What is insurance for athletes?
Jude Cooley
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Are you an active person and do you often practice sports? Or maybe you train professionally and this is how you earn your living? Regardless of your discipline think about insurance if you don’t have it yet. Find out how to choose it, what it should include and what to look for when buying.

What is sports insurance and how it works

Sport is health – there is no denying that physical activity has a great positive impact on the whole body, but also involves some risk of injury. The more intensive trainings and the higher level of advancement of a sportsman, the greater the danger of various injuries. However, they can also happen to complete amateurs, for example during mountain climbing, skiing or cycling trips

While the risk can be minimized by good exercise technique, proper equipment and proper recovery, it cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, it is worth buying insurance for a sportsman. What does it consist in?

The policy for active people and athletes should provide compensation in case of serious injuries and injuries. Thanks to this, you can keep the money to perform the necessary tests, buy medical equipment or carry out professional rehabilitation. The insurance for athletes should also include accident insurance, so that in case of injuries that prevent further career or contribute to damage or loss of health, you will receive an amount that will allow you to rebuild your life.

Another important element of insurance for athletes is assistance. The benefits of this coverage provide comprehensive assistance in case of an accident, such as on the slope or track. The insurance company guarantees, among others, organization of transport, information support, psychological help or other kind of care, such as home care, if the injury makes it impossible to function independently. Similar rules apply to the motor assistance policy, which you can find and buy at https://kalkulator-oc-ac.auto.pl/.

How to choose insurance for a sportsman

When practicing sports – especially team sports – there is a risk of harming not only yourself but also other people and other people’s property. For example, an aggressive slide during a ball game can break someone’s leg, and an unfortunate bounce of a tennis ball can lead to breaking a window in a car parked nearby the court. To avoid paying for damages out of your own pocket in such a situation, it’s worth buying sports insurance that includes Third Party Liability in private life. Its terms and conditions are similar to those of Third Party Liability for drivers, which you can read more about at https://kalkulator-oc-ac.auto.pl/oplata-oc-po-terminie/.

In summary, insurance for athletes should include:

  • medical expenses,
  • Third party liability in private life,
  • assistance.

However, if you practice a sport in which expensive accessories are used, such as golf, sailing, canoeing, look for a policy that also includes insurance of equipment. Thanks to this in case of its destruction, loss, theft or partial breakdown you will receive appropriate compensation.

When looking for a sports insurance policy, pay attention to whether it was designed with your sport in mind. This is especially important for people who practice extreme and high-risk sports, such as mountain climbing, skiing, kayaking, car racing or cycling

Equally important is the sum insured – choose it in such a way that the compensation paid ensures that all possible costs related to injury or other events are covered.

Main photo: Arisa Chattasa/unsplash.com

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