What phone for athletes and active people?

What phone for athletes and active people?
Jude Cooley
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Get to know the most important parameters and models of phones, which can be recommended to an active person who spends spending a lot of time practicing sports. Why actually choose the right smartphone is so important? This, too, you will learn from the following text.

Phone for active, or …?

Before we move on to discuss the specific functionality of the devices, let’s consider whether, for sure, every active person needs a similar equipment. Well, no! An active lifestyle is regular Nordic walking on a housing estate, but all kinds of outdoor activities for advanced people, such as mountaineering, can also be called an activity. A walk in the surrounding forest, for example, is assessed differently than climbing mountains. The needs of such users are different, as are the risks for the equipment itself.

All this makes that in our article we try to extract the most important parameters distinguishing smartphones useful for active people, athletes. But whether all the features and functions will appreciate just you – this is already a very individual question.

Fortunately, the choice on the market is huge. Just go to https://komorkomat.pl/ to see the wealth of offers. You can buy a device in a store or a showroom, over the Internet, prepaid or as part of a subscription. The most important thing, however, is that you can tailor a particular model strictly to your needs, which is particularly appreciated by sportsmen and athletes.

The most important parameters of phones for active people

Here are the most important features of cell phones and smartphones for active users.

  • Water resistance – the standard proving resistance to splashing, exposure to rain or direct immersion in water.
  • Resistance to adverse external factors, such as dust, extreme temperatures.
  • Rugged, reinforced, shock-resistant and drop-resistant design.
  • State-of-the-art processor, large RAM and adequate operating system to be able to use advanced applications for athletes and active people.
  • A high-quality camera with a camera to capture active moments.
  • Additional, practical and even features for active people – GPS navigation, high-speed Internet access, etc.
  • Capacious, solid battery that does not require recharging at too short intervals.

Examples of devices

On the market you can buy many reinforced, special cell phones for active people or, for example, those working in difficult terrain. Interestingly, the most recognizable brands are not always behind their production. Fortunately, the online comparison of phones makes it easier to decide on the best equipment. Here are some sample models.

  • Ulefone Armor 9 with thermal imaging camera and military standard case.
  • CAT S52 with IP68 water and dust resistance in a surprisingly compact size.
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro with 4050 mAh battery and a reinforced design aesthetic.
  • Hammer Energy 2 with 5000 mAh battery and standard to IP68 standard.
  • Blackview BV9900 with -33 to +50 degrees Celsius and a heart rate monitor.
  • CAT S61 with thermal imaging camera and laser rangefinder for athletic and active users.

Your current smartphone can also be safe while doing a lot of physical activities. It’s a good idea to equip it with an extra case to cushion a possible fall and tempered glass, which in many situations prevents the expensive screen glass from shattering. Good luck with your choice, and above all: get to work, let sport and technology bring a lot of benefits together!

Photo by Kilian Seiler/unsplash.com

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