Is it a good idea to buy sports equipment on installments and why?

Is it a good idea to buy sports equipment on installments and why?
Jude Cooley
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Is it worth buying sports equipment on hire purchase or is it better to pay out the whole amount at once? There is no clear answer to this and much depends on our individual situation. If the expense significantly exceeds our budget and buying sports equipment would be associated with the disposal of all our savings, it is a good idea to buy it on the installment plan. Due to the interest, we may pay a little more for it, but we will not get rid of all our savings at once and we will maintain relative financial stability

Why invest in new sports equipment?

Of course, not in every case, but there are some products that are simply better to buy new. If we run a lot, it will be definitely safer to spend several hundred zlotys for new and professional shoes for long distance running, than to buy definitely cheaper used shoes. Shoes adapt to the shape of the user’s foot and buying shoes which have already had their owner can be dangerous for our foot. It may cause abrasions and other injuries, which will exclude us from sports for some time

Another example may be thermoactive clothing and underwear, which are necessary in the case of sports and winter tourism. It is definitely not worth saving on them. Well-fitted winter clothing will protect us from chilling and getting wet. Thanks to this we will be safer on the trail or ski lift. However, all these purchases are connected with considerable expenses. Depending on the amount of equipment bought and its brand or specification, it may cost from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. Where to get the money for this? Do you have to give up your dreams in this situation? Of course not. The solution may be installment loans –

When is it worth taking out an installment loan?

Installment loan will be a good solution for people who do not want to get rid of all their savings to buy the necessary sports equipment to practice their passion. It is known that its purchase can be associated with considerable expense, but if we want to maintain financial independence, the installment loan allows us to keep part of the savings. For the equipment we will pay the same or slightly more in connection with the need to repay the interest charged to the loan, but it will not be a huge amount, and will allow us to keep our money

Sport is health and if it is our passion, we should not give it up because of the costs associated with the purchase of equipment. It is also not worth saving to invest in the best quality sportswear and other necessary items. This will allow us to minimize the risk of injury.

How to find a good offer installment loan?

A loan is not equal to a loan. Before signing any agreement or filling out an application for a loan we should familiarize ourselves with as many offers available on the market as possible. At the beginning it is worth to use one of many free installment loan rankings available in search engines. One of the portals dealing with keeping such records is There you will find a list of the most favorable installment loans offered by non-banking companies, which makes applying for them much easier and you do not have to meet as many formal requirements as in the case of a traditional bank loan. Financial Owl should be the first step on our way to finding the best offer for us

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