What additional life insurance should I choose?

What additional life insurance should I choose?
Jude Cooley
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A large section of the society is forward thinking. Anticipating various events as well as life’s twists and turns, they opt for a life insurance policy. The groundwork is good insurance, and such an option is provided by the add-on contracts attached to it. A significant extension of cases, when there will be a possibility of using the chosen assistance, is attractive, and the multitude of offers gives us a large field of choice

What does additional insurance offer?

Basic protection provides financial support to an authorized person, usually from a close family, at the time of death of a natural buyer of the policy. Many people choose this solution in order to protect the family. However, this is not the only option available. By choosing extensions, financial help will also be possible in case of death due to an accident, serious illness, permanent disability, accident at work or hospital treatment, which is a much more attractive solution. You can choose and adjust everything to your needs and financial possibilities as you see fit.

What should you pay attention to?

It is worth making a thorough analysis of your own financial situation, expectations from additional options in the life insurance policy, as well as taking into consideration your job, free time activities, lifestyle, health and age. These are key factors that affect not only the cost of additional insurance, but also how the company offering it will ultimately approach us.

Earnings and the free portion of funds from them, has a big impact on what option you may choose, as you have to remember to pay regular monthly premiums. Coverage for a construction worker who is prone to injury and trauma will be completely different than for a teacher, which should be completely understandable. The final offer is also influenced by leisure activities, such as developing additional hobbies, and if this is particularly risky, it is worth focusing on a personal accident package.

It is also worth thinking about insurance against permanent disability and death in a traffic accident, if you commute to work by scooter, car or as a courier. Do not forget about your family and do not expose your loved ones to lack of financial assistance ─ if an accident occurs at work, they will be paid appropriate funds. For more information, please visit: https://www.rankingubezpieczennazycie.pl/b/jakie-wybrac-dodatkowe-ubezpieczenie-na-zycie/75.html.

Examples of additional life insurance

PZU – Pomoc od Serca is an offer for people up to 60 years of age and who have one of PZU’s basic contracts. Available variants: Standard and Premium, allow us to choose freely. In the case of the first one we get coverage for 10 such diseases, which the second option raises to 25. Moreover, we can benefit from foreign consultations. The sum insured is 10000 – 50000 PLN.

If you sign an additional agreement with Aviva, you can be assisted by professionals and specialists – an electrician, bricklayer or plumber. All you need is an appropriate application, in which you describe exactly what kind of help you need at home. Despite the limits of the amount it is a very interesting and useful option, which will be useful for many people.

PZU, Concordia, Aviva – help with a particular disease. Dream vacations or rest in free time may cost us various diseases, for example Lyme disease. With help comes the option of insurance, thanks to which we do not have to worry about money for treatment.

If the product we are interested in is offered by several companies, you need to fully review their descriptions, check the difference, because not always the price goes hand in hand with the services. It will be beneficial to review the ranking of life insurance at https://www.rankingubezpieczennazycie.pl/.

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