How do I start playing golf and how much does it cost?

How do I start playing golf and how much does it cost?
Jude Cooley
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Golf is regarded as a prestigious sport, available only to the chosen few. Is it really so? How much money do you have to have to start playing golf?

Do you have to be rich to play golf?

In every field, also in the world of sport, you can easily come across various stereotypes, which for decades of functioning have already managed to become firmly rooted in the consciousness of the majority of society. Stereotypical thinking is extremely harmful – it not only forms an opinion on a subject about which we do not really have the faintest idea, but in addition significantly limits the horizons. If we assume in advance, without even the slightest attempt to familiarize ourselves with the subject, that golf is a sport for the rich, we probably won’t reach for a golf club before we earn our first million. So it’s worth taking a slightly broader view. Golf, like any sporting activity, obviously generates certain costs, but there’s no point in demonizing them.

The beginning of the golf adventure, or how not to overburden the budget

Despite appearances, if you want to start your adventure with golf, you do not have to be a millionaire. With good organization during the first year should be enough amount at the level of several thousand zloty. Everything depends on whether you decide to buy your own equipment, or will be borrowing clubs. In the first case, you can reduce spending a little – just invest in a used golf set. To become a good player, you need, above all, regular training. Finances may come into the background, although for many it will still be an important issue.

How much does golf equipment cost?

It’s hard to imagine playing golf effectively (or at least at all) without the right equipment. Essential are, of course, the clubs for the game. The basic, cheapest set of several clubs can be purchased for about a thousand zlotys (this price applies to new clubs). Used ones can be bought even half cheaper, so it’s not a scary expense – rock climbing equipment is much more expensive, not to mention professional running shoes, which cost a few hundred zlotys and need to be replaced even several times a season.

In addition to clubs, you also need to invest in a glove – not least because it’s cold on the golf course. A good quality glove gives you a firm grip on the club and ensures that a sweaty hand does not reduce the comfort of the game. In addition, do not forget about the appropriate clothing, after all, we go to the golf course not in jeans or shorts. The best choice are classic cloth pants (necessarily with belt!) and shirt, which has a collar. The whole golf outfit is completed with shoes. If you do not want to buy professional golf shoes right away, choose comfortable but elegant shoes. Appropriate appearance inspires respect among regular visitors of golf courses.

Golf training – where to take the first steps?

A large part of the costs associated with the game are training. Beginners who want to learn under the supervision of a professional should enroll in a golf school. Individual lessons cost about a thousand zlotys for a package of ten hours. Many golf courses also offer free annual access to a small golf course and the possibility of renting equipment. Thanks to this, you can save a lot, at least in the initial period of playing. A golf school is a great idea for people who want to try their hand at golf, but are not convinced that it will be a lifelong love and do not want to invest several thousand zlotys in a hobby that may turn out to be one-season.

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