Board for manual hand training – a universal gadget that works well at home and at work

Board for manual hand training – a universal gadget that works well at home and at work
Jude Cooley
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Are you looking for unconventional equipment to exercise at home? A special board for manual hand training can be a great choice. Why should you invest in such equipment?

Workout sessions at home are an increasingly popular practice among lovers of physical activity, and the whole process has undoubtedly been accelerated by the pandemic that at one time confined us within four walls. Exercising without having to leave the place of residence appealed to some so much that they no longer returned to the gym. Currently, more and more people are choosing to be active not only at home, but also at work. The natural order of things is therefore the development of devices designed for this type of training.

Board for manual hand training – universal and effective!

One of the most interesting items available on the market are tables for manual hand exercises with resistance. This equipment is designed for both young and mature adepts of sport, and it is perfect not only at home, but also at the workplace. Exercises performed with the use of this device may bring us a whole range of benefits – from increasing joint mobility to strengthening hand and finger muscles, which we so often forget about during a standard workout.

The biggest advantage of the board is definitely its versatility. The equipment can be successfully used both after returning home, as well as at work during a break. It is up to us to decide where we will put the board and where we will use it. There are as many people as many different opinions and habits, and physical activity enthusiasts usually value their freedom of choice when it comes to the time and place of exercises.

However, the versatility of the board for manual hand exercises goes much further. An exercise set is mounted to the board, as well as 5 weights of 0.25 kg each. It is worth taking into account that it is possible to adjust the height of the fixed devices. The board gives us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the devices included in the whole set. Here are the five elements that you will find in it:

  • horizontal pin – it is used for palmar and dorsal flexion of the wrist;
  • wheel with handle – it is used to turn and reciprocate the forearm;
  • handleis used to train palmar and dorsiflexion of the wrist joint;
  • paw – it is used to practice palmar and dorsiflexion at the wrist joint
  • spring – allows for rotation training at the wrist joint.

Remember that each of the above mentioned pieces of equipment should be used only for its intended purpose – only then can we count on tangible effects and long-term use of the equipment. If we want to work on our hands without a gym, the board for manual exercises is the perfect answer to our needs. The cost of such equipment is about 1000 gold.

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