Industry football tournaments gain in popularity

Industry football tournaments gain in popularity
Jude Cooley
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Industry sports tournaments are an excellent opportunity to feel a hint of rivalry and, at the same time, to strengthen business contacts. Therefore more and more companies decide to enter their teams into intersectoral competitions.

Work and sport can go hand in hand

Not so long ago, before the economic transformation of the country, the work system looked completely different than now. Hardly anyone heard about integrating employees (unless during lavishly drunk company trips on mushrooms). Combining passion for sports with professional work was the height of extravagance. If employees organized any sports tournaments, it was usually on their own. However, times have changed and more and more companies and enterprises appreciate the potential of such a form of entertainment.

Nowadays, many people happily devote their free time to training – whether in a football club or with their closest friends. No wonder then that for some time now, there have been regularly organized professional football tournaments. This is an excellent opportunity for companies operating in one economic sector to compete not only on the business field, but also on the sports field.

Polish Indoor Football Industry Championships

This year sports emotions will be red-hot. December is the time when

– XVI Polish Championships of the Metal, Mining and Metallurgical Industries in indoor soccer,
– The 16th Polish Championships of the Automotive and TSL Industries in indoor soccer,
– The 14th Polish Transport and Logistics Companies Indoor Football Championships,
– VII Polish Cup of Workplaces and Companies in indoor soccer,
– X Polish Championships of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries in indoor soccer.

The winners of the individual tournaments can count on attractive prizes funded in part by sponsors. The industry games, invariably for many years, stir up a lot of excitement. Participants prepare for the tournaments throughout the year to be able to compete with other teams, whose representatives are industry competitors on a daily basis.

XV Intersectoral Polish Championships of Companies and Workplaces in indoor soccer. Toruń, 07-08 March 2020.

Gold Cup for Vetrex Tczew!

Published by Almar-Sport Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Industry tournaments – a form of entertainment and a way to integrate employees

Sport is not only about health, but also about spending free time with friends and acquaintances. Out of concern for the well-being of their employees (both physical and mental), more and more companies offer them the opportunity to train regularly, whether by subsidizing sports tickets or paying for the rent of a training hall. After all, a fit employee is a healthy employee, who is much less likely to take sick leave.

There is also another benefit: during intensive football tournaments employees get to know each other better and build mutual trust. As a result, they are able to achieve better results while performing their duties. The opportunity to vent frustrations during training is also worth appreciating. People who regularly do some physical activity are much calmer and easier to concentrate. As one can easily conclude – a fit employee is a real treasure. An increasing number of employers therefore appreciate the potential hidden in professional sports competitions.

Not only soccer

It is worth emphasizing that branch tournaments are also organized in other sport disciplines. Volleyball tournaments are very popular, an example of which is the Polish Company and Workplace Volleyball Championships. The last edition was held in October this year in Dźwirzyno. Companies can also order the organization of a branch tournament – then the whole formula is adapted to the specific needs of the customer. Instead of a tournament can decide for example on a sports and recreation picnic.


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