What to run in during the winter?

What to run in during the winter?
Jude Cooley
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Although winter is a season rather associated with sports such as skiing or snowboarding, it is also a good time for running. But how to prepare for winter running, so that the weather conditions not only do not bother us, but even favorable? We suggest, what running clothes will work best in the winter.

Although it may seem that snow and frost do not go hand in hand with running, winter runs can not only bring a lot of fun, but also health benefits. However, you need to prepare for them properly

Basic rules of winter running clothing

A lot of runners, especially beginners, tend to dress too warmly for winter workouts. Several warm layers are really not necessary because running, even the slow ones, is a demanding form of activity and the body warms up quite a bit after a few minutes. So if you are faced with the choice of clothing for winter running training, remember a very simple rule – for winter running, dress in such a way that you are a little too cold at the beginning

Multiple layers of clothing

When going for a workout in the winter, it is worth applying the “onion” principle, known to all since childhood. When it comes to the runner’s outfit, the best solution will be three layers of clothes. The first of them should be breathable and perfectly fitting to the body thermal underwear. This type of underwear, usually consisting of a T-shirt and fitted leggings, is a guarantee of good transport of excess heat outside the skin, which makes it easier to keep the skin dry

The second layer is a warm and comfortable sweatshirt, which does not restrict movement, and men’s running leggings. The last layer is a men’s running jacket, which will effectively protect you from unpleasant weather conditions such as wind, snow, or rain. However, it is important to remember that the clothes should fit you perfectly and allow you maximum range of motion.

Running accessories

In addition to your main clothing, you can’t forget about various accessories that will further protect you from the winter temperatures

First of all, remember about headgear, which will protect your ears from frostbite. A running headband or a classic running hat will be perfect for this purpose. It’s also worth taking warm gloves with you. Proper running socks are also very important. A poorly covered Achilles during cold weather can end up with an unpleasant injury, so be sure to wear comfortable and very warm socks adapted to running in winter.

Main photo: Fil Mazzarino/unsplash.com

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