Is it possible to make a fortune from horse racing?

Is it possible to make a fortune from horse racing?
Jude Cooley
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Horse racing is an elite sport, which until recently was reserved only for the upper classes. In Poland, from year to year, we can clearly see an increased interest in this discipline. How to bet on horse racing and how much can you earn this way?

The main principles of horse racing

The horse races are based on the rivalry between two or more riders who ride horses for a certain distance, racing on a special racecourse – hippodrome. Individual races may differ from each other, e.g. by the type of surface, length of the distance, breed of the horses or their gait. What do horse racing rules look like? Horses start from boxes, and the winner is the one who first crosses the finish line with his head.

Apart from the races that take place on a flat surface, we can also deal with obstacle races or so-called sleds, which are horse vehicles in which horses can only trot. Before each race, the rider is weighed together with the saddle (which may be weighted down if necessary). Exceptions are handicap races. What makes these races special is that the horses receive extra weight depending on their ranking. The higher the ranking, the more weight is attached to the saddle.

Pure bred Arabian horses, English thoroughbreds, half-bred Arabian horses and trotters can participate in races (their age is usually 2 or 3 years). There are three main types of races. The first is Flat Racing, which is a race on a flat track with no obstacles. Next is Jump Racing, which is a race with obstacles over a long distance. The last type of racing is Boxed Racing, which takes the form of sprint races over short distances.

How to bet on horse racing?

You can bet on horse races both at land-based betting shops as well as online. When choosing the latter solution, you should first register an account. This is an obligatory formality which must be completed by every legal bookmaker operating on the territory of Poland. The related requirements are written in the Gambling Act. Account registration is based on filling in personal and contact details, approving the relevant consents and declarations and sending a scan of your ID.

After successful verification you can proceed to betting on races. First you choose the date, track, race, type of bet and the number of the horse you want to bet on. We confirm the information and wait for the race to take place and the coupon to be settled. On the websites of many bookmakers it is possible to watch live broadcasts from various sporting events.

What kind of bets on horse racing can we deal with?

Horse racing betsare divided into one-race and multi-race bets. The first category includes: simple bet (the least complicated; it is based on picking the winner of the race), order bet (it consists of indicating which of the horses will win the first and second place; their order does not matter here), double bet (it is necessary to indicate which horses will take the first two places, assigning the first and the second to a chosen type), triple bet (it is an extension of the double bet by a third horse) and quad bet (it is necessary to indicate which horses will take the first four places).

Multi-race bets are a combination of single-race bets. They are divided into doubles bet, triples bet, fifths bet and sevenths bet. In the offers of popular bookmakers, you can find both Polish horse races and races taking place at foreign tracks, including those in France or Sweden.

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