How to optimally select a racquet for a paddle?

How to optimally select a racquet for a paddle?
Jude Cooley
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Sport level, playing style, budget – these are a few things you should definitely look at when choosing a paddle racket. We suggest how to choose equipment which you will be satisfied with!

Padel – what exactly is it?

Soccer, volleyball, cycling – these are the names of sports disciplines, which are not unfamiliar even to those, who do not have much in common with any physical activity. However, there are such disciplines, the names of which sound mysterious even to sports enthusiasts. One of them certainly includes padel. It is a form of physical activity, which has appeared in our country relatively recently and is most common in big cities. All because a special court is necessary to play padel. It resembles a tennis court, but the difference is that it is covered with walls, which also make up the playing area. To play paddle you will need a racket, and we have devoted the following tutorial to the subject of how to choose the best racket.

Why is it so important to choose the right racket?

You have to admit that playing soccer in shoes which are too tight is not the most pleasant thing. Likewise with your efforts at the gym – when you take on weights that you can’t lift, your workout will not only lose comfort or efficiency, but also become dangerous. Optimal choice of training equipment, without the slightest doubt, translates into both the comfort of the game, its safety, as well as efficiency. Admittedly, if your sports skills are at a low level, even the best equipment will not contribute to the fact that you will beat the player at the top of the pile, but when two people with similar skills meet on the court, the optimal choice of equipment for the game can determine the outcome of such a meeting.

Do you always have to have your own equipment?

Of course not! Before you decide to fill your closet with more sports gadgets, go for a few training sessions, rent a racket and find out, if padel is an activity just for you! Check out different rackets, see how they play. This initial research will help you choose the best equipment once you have decided that padel is not a temporary adventure, but a friendship for the long term.

What should I consider when choosing a racquet for padel?

First, the shape of the racket will be important. A diamond-shaped racquet will translate into bouncing power for the ball. A round-shaped racket will provide precise play. A teardrop-shaped racket, on the other hand, will give you the most versatility. If you are a beginner, a round racket is the best choice. Once you have mastered the bounce technique and know how to hit the ball exactly where you want it to go, then you can try playing with other shaped rackets.

A paddle racket consists of a “head” and a “handle” ? with a length of up to 20 cm and a width and thickness of 50 mm. The head can…

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Secondly, check how much a particular racket weighs. Adjust the weight of the racket to your abilities and skills. When you start your padel adventure, opt for a lightweight racket. It will give you better control over the ball. A heavier racket is recommended for more experienced players who want to increase their hitting power.

Another important consideration is the material of which the paddle racket will be made. The price of a paddle largely depends on the material it is made of. The more expensive, more professional options that experienced players go for are racquets with a frame made of carbon fiber. In cheaper models, it is replaced by fiberglass. If you want to hit harder, you should choose a racquet whose front is made of foam. It is less durable than EVA, but it provides much more dynamic bounce.

Which racket is right for a beginner?

A round-headed racquet from the mid-price range is ideal for beginners, as it provides more precise strokes, which enables them to learn the correct playing technique more quickly. Later on, individual needs and expectations of a particular player will be more important. It is worth testing. With testing, you will surely find the ideal paddle racket for you.

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